The 15,000 sites are of no doubt the pride of our company. They are towers, masts, and buildings strategically placed across Norway and provide services for mobile networks, fiber networks, and cable TV, as well as radio and TV signals. Our widespread localities mean that we are a trusted supplier for most operators, regardless of requirements for national, regional or local coverage. It is also possible to use Telenor Norge’s network on the sites.

“We have extensive experience with colocation, over 100 years to be specific.”

Christina Endresen
CEO, Telenor Nordic Towsers


Through our colocation services we offer space in our masts, towers and buildings for our clients’ equipment. We have extensive experience with colocation, over 100 years to be specific. Our sites are spread across our elongated country, covering mountain peaks, deep valleys, nature reserves and coastlines. Some even provide essential VHF-signals for people at sea.

Alongside many of our sites sits smaller and bigger equipment spaces and cabins, prepared to host our clients’ equipment in a safe environment. Additionally, all our sites are prepared to meet the Electronic Communications Act (NKOM).

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Industries using our services

The customers, or operators, who have equipment in our masts and towers want to offer better services, better coverage and more speed to their customers. Not only in the big cities, but also at the far end of the sea gaps and deep in the fjords. We provide services to several industries: Mobile, Broadband, Radio/TV and Critical communication network.

We are in the process of replacing many of our sites. We are switching to masts that are both more sustainable and have more capacity to serve our clients needs. Our site in Brummundal is now ready for service.

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