Liv Aamaas – HR Legal and Lease Management

Meet our people:

Liv Aamaas

Title: Lawyer
Field: HR Legal and Lease Management
Education: University of Oslo
At Infra for: 3+ years

I believe that cooperative efforts yield the best solutions for our customers

Everyday brings something different

As a lawyer at Telenor Infra, my primary responsibility is to offer legal guidance and assistance in resolving legal disputes related to real estate and property law.
This means having the privilege of engaging in diverse legal examinations and risk assessments for a wide range of matters including various lease contracts, property sales, servitudes, and other legal obligations pertaining to properties or land.
I also provide legal advice on contract law and actively participate in contract negotiations.

Working at Telenor Infra, every day brings something different and interesting. The dynamic nature of the telecommunications industry ensures that my role as a lawyer is filled with diverse challenges and opportunities.

A culture of collaboration and continuous learning

I also have the privilege of working alongside creative colleagues who I am highly inspired by.
The collaborative work environment here at Telenor Infra is something I thrive in, and I believe that our collaborative efforts yield the best solutions for our customers.

A distinctive aspect of the work environment at Telenor Infra is the practice of “Stand-up” meetings. These informal gatherings occur regularly and provide an opportunity for colleagues to present ongoing projects, share valuable insights, or discuss relevant professional information. Through these meetings, me and my colleagues foster deeper connections, gain a better understanding of the business, and stay up-to-date on industry matters.

The employees at Telenor Infra are incredibly generous in sharing their expertise with one another, fostering an engaging and supportive work environment that provides a platform to grow and excel.

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5G rollout and modernisation of infrastructure

5G rollout and modernisation of infrastructure

The 5G development is an important part of the modernisation of Telenor Infra’s passive infrastructure, which we are carrying out in close cooperation with mobile operators.

The aim is to streamline and modernise the mobile network, while at the same time discharge outdated sites. At the core of the modernisation is updating the active equipment on site, to make it possible to use the new 5G network.

We are an important partner for the mobile operators in their rollout of the much-desired 5G upgrade. We work to optimise these processes and make them as efficient as possible, so that our mobile operator customers can realise 5G at the desired pace and volume. For us, this means rigging our company smartly and flexibly with a dynamic structure, with a set up enabling us to adapt to future industry development beyond 5G, and potential changes we don’t know yet.

We want our customers to deliver the world’s best 5G network to their end customers!