Telenor Infra – the largest tower company in the Nordics

Telenor Infra connects Norway through world-class sustainable and critical telecommunications infrastructure, the very foundation of our modern information society.

At the core of our service sits more than 15,000 sites. They are towers, masts, and buildings –all strategically placed across Norway to ensure nationwide access to essential services. These 15,000 sites are the pride of our company. Each site is the core of critical infrastructure for small and large operators, and functions as hubs for mobile networks, fibre networks, and cable TV, as well as radio and TV signals. They are also essential for the rollout of 5G and other cutting-edge telecommunications technologies.

Until Telenor Infra was established in 2020, these tasks were handled by three different companies: Telenor Norge, Norkring and Telenor eiendom. Since 2020, Telenor Infra has operated as an independent, Norwegian company owned by Telenor ASA.

“These 15,000 sites are the pride of our company”

Christina Endresen
CEO, Telenor Nordic Towers

A total provider of colocation services

Telenor Infra provides passive infrastructure to all major telecom operators in Norway, in addition to local and regional clients. We offer colocation in all of our sites, including access to equipment cabins.

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Our sites are placed all over Norway, some in forests, mountains, or even in nature reserves. There’s no question that the nature is vulnerable, which is why we are working thoroughly to make our footprint as small as possible. Our efforts to run our business sustainably includes initiatives such as reduced power consumption, sustainable materials and establishing scalable sites.

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Telenor Infra management

Telenor Infra is an independent business unit within Telenor Group, organised under Telenor Tower Holding AS. Corresponding operations in the Nordics are Telenor Tower Sweden, Telenor Tower Denmark and DNA Tower Oy. Telenor Tower Holdning AS is led by Kaaren Hilsen.

The management group in Telenor Infra AS has extensive experience from the IT and telecom industry, both in Norway and abroad, and is led by Christina Endresen. Christina is a highly experienced leader and has previously worked with both Telenor Norway and RiksTV AS.

Torbjørn Teigen
Interim CEO and COO

Hanne Resch Brækken

Cathrine Gulbrandsen

Afnan Ahmed

Geir Alexander Talseth

Reine Thorén
Head of Delivery & Projects

Katrine Lind
Head of HR & Legal


Telenor Nordic Towers

Telenor Nordic Towers includes the leading Nordic tower companies Telenor Infra (Norway), Telenor Tower Sweden, and DNA Tower (Finland). We are expanding our presence in the Nordic region and are seeking ambitious individuals in all three markets, who want to take an active role in driving development, innovation, customer-centric solutions and the transition to greener operations and increased sustainability- across all our sites.